Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pues... TUVE CAMBIOS!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Yes, you google translated that correctly! I had changes today! Holy moly. I really didn´t think I was going to go, I wasn´t prepared for it at all! I am now in a town called Tela, right on the beach. I would tell you all to google maps it but we all know only my dad will actaully do it. I haven´t really seen much of town yet, but it seems really great. It seems to be a bit richer of an area than Olanchito was and it is way more green and pretty.


My new companion is Hermana Alfaro. She is twenty and she is from Costa Rica. Yes, the same as Hermana Zamora. We´ve only had a few hours together but she seems really cool.


Changes here are absolute chaos. We got on a bus at the chapel in La Lima that took us to Progresso and dropped us off at a place where we could get a cab. Then we put four Hermanas and six suit cases in one cab and went to the bus terminal to catch the bus to Tela. Well, it´s not really much of a terminal. You just stand on the side of the road until you can hale a bus down. It was only an hour long bus ride and we stood the whole time because the bus was so crowded. I flipping love Honduras! All the chaos is so exciting.


The last few days have been crazy. I know cambios are a part of the mission. I´m probably making way more of a big deal than I should but this is my first change, so I´m going to make a bg deal out of it. It still hasn´t really hit me yet that I am in a new area. It is slightly scary. President Klein always tells me that having changes is like  being a greeenie all over again. To a certain extent he is right, but I can already see that I am handling this way better than when I first got to Olanchito. I´m excited to get to work and meet all of our investogators and find some new ones.


I had a shot of going my whole mission with running water in my apartment, but I think that I am going to be taking bucket showers during my time here in Tela. I´ve only been in for about five minutes though so I´m not sure. Also, Hermana Alfaro told me that here in Tela the hermamas are home every night by 6.30 unless we have a firm cita. That´s kind of a bummer, but I guess it gives me more time for hand washing my laundry, right?


Well guys, I´ve got to go have dinner with my new branch president (oh, and the branch here has about 50 people in it). I´m super excited to tell you guys all at how this weekend goes. Remember the church is true.



Hermana Odekirk

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