Monday, April 28, 2014

Lavadoras, celèfonos, y menos activos‏

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Hermana Alfaro and I have really been trying to avoid having wash all of our laundry by hand, so we asked one of our neighbors if we could pay her so we could use her washing machine. So, this morning we went down there to use it and Hermana Alfaro said, "Enseña me." "No tenía una lavadora en Costa Rica?" "Sí, teniamos pero mí mama siempre lavaba mi ropa." We put her laundry in the machine and I taught her where to put all the switches and cheque. I asked her, "Do you want to go up to the apartment wait or do you want to stand here by this machine for the next for minutes?" T owhich she replied, "Qué!!! Es 40 minutos??" She thought it would take five minutes and we would be done. Ha ha I got a pretty good kick out of it.

I went on divisions with Hermana Baird this week. Usually I love divisions because they force me to be the person who makes all the decisions, I know the area and the people. But I had only been here a few days and Hermana Baird was the hermana here right before so she actually knew the area and the people better than I did. She was the one making the decisions. It felt really weird. 

This week we´ve been trying to find more less avtive people to work with and we´ve found a montón!! We got a copy of the ward dirrectory and it has over 300 families in it!! Yet our asistencia would never show that. Our asistencia yesterday was 64!!!! The progress is already coming. I also learned this that if you want more baptisms work find new less actives, because the less active families are the ones who have nonmember friends and family. We found the familia Rodriguez and turns out their two youngest kids never got baptized so we are teaching them now. The oldest son came to church yesterday and he brought a friend! Our goal is to contact a new less active family everyday this week. 

I miss Olanchito sometimes, but I am so excited to be here in Tela. We are seeing so many milagros and we are going to see so many more.

We had a lesson with the familia Sosa and was AMAZING!!. Presidente Leiva (the branch president) came with us. Walter keeps saying that he needs to read more del Libro de Mormón before he is sure he wants to get baptized, but he also said he feels peace when he reads it. In my head I thought, "What are you saying?? Peace is your answer that this true!!!! I´ve explained this before! Ugh!!!!!!!!" But then I calmly showed him Moroni 10:5 and explained how we receive answers from the Spirit. Then Hermana Alfaro challnged them again to be batized on the 24 May and they said yes!! I am so excited for them. I think they are the cutest family I´ve met here. We just need to teach them the Palabra de Sabiduría otra vez because they gave us tea. oops. 

That night was another testament to me that teaching people how to recognize the Spirit is one of the most important things I can do. I can teach them all I want but if they can´t recognize when the Spirit is talking to them then they´ll never recognize the truth. And what Im doing is useless.

Well, that´s all for this week. Nos vemos!!

Hermana Odekirk

Hermana Alfaro and I were talking about cell phones, which is celular. And the word for telephone is teléfono. but I accidentally referred to a cell phone as a celéfono. ha ha Oh the advetures of serving foreign speaking. 

There is a HUGE differnce between morning tired and evening tired. Hay una diferncia entre I just woke up so I´m tired and I walked nine miles in 95 degree heat and have been working all day so I´m tired. I never noticed before now.


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