Monday, April 7, 2014

Christmas Cards. Locksmiths and Awesomeness!

Lot´s of excitement happened this week! First of all, I got a Christmas card from the Beehives back home! And a Valentine´s card from Sister Stark. And it´s only March!

Also, yesterday was my five month mark! Sí, hombre-e!!

Natalia was supposed to get baptized on the 29, but on friday she said that she prayed about it and her answer was no, she shouldn´t get baptized... How do you tell an 11 year-old girl that you think her personal revelation wasn´t revelation? I don´t, I´m just going to love her and keep working with her and ask her to pray again...

Edgardo and Ramon are still on track to get baprized on April 12. Pray for them. 

Jesus the Christ is my new favorite book. My mind gets blown every day.

We were teaching this lady in her living room and her mother was sitting in a chair by the wall when all of a sudden the mom hauked up (halked up? hawked up? hocked up?) the biggest spit I´ve ever heard and spit right the wall six inches from her chair!! It was gross. I appreciate a good spit, but inside, at the wall!

Spanish is hard to learn because we all speak english incorrectly. Por ejemplo: if I want to ask what a scripture is about I ask "Sobre qué es esta escritura?" Which directly translates into "About what is this scripture?" not, "What is this scripture about?" You´re never supposed to end a sentence with a preposition or a participle and all that stuff, but we have all been doing it for so long that we don´t even notice it is incorrect anymore!  Oh well.

I accidentally locked our key in the apartment on friday night, so we went and got the locksmith. He came to our house, but instead of bringing a lockpicking kit or something of that regard he brought brought a laminated piece of paper!! He pulled out this piece of paper and proceeded to try and open it the way you would do with your credit card. And that didn´t work so he took out his wallet and pulled out one of his other laminated papers and tried some more. He just sat there giggling the door with this piece of paper in the door crack for about five minutes. Then the door opened, but only an inch, which makes no sense. So I took a closer look and realized he didn´t actually unlock the door he just broke our door frame! Oh, Honduras... He was really nice about it though, he came back and nailed the door frame back together but then the door wouldn´t close! So he asked us if we had a knife and he proceeded to whittle away our door frame with our kitchen knife. When all was said and done our door works better than it ever did before, so that rocks.

Also, I´ve been studying Jacob 5 this week and I am basiclly an expert now. ha ha  It might be one of my new favorite chapters of scripture. Jacob 5:41 

This week really has been great! I´ve just been realizing how many people here I truly love and how much I am learning. We all know that some days are easier than others but I am grateful I´m here. Love you all.

Hermana Odekirk

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