Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Christmas Time

This week was pretty good. Hermana Zamora and I are still trying to fill our teaching pool. When I got whitewashed in Santa Rita we found all the investigators of the hermanas who were there super fast but here we have only found a few. It´s a different experience.  In Ceiba people have money which means... no one wants to talk to you. The mission standard is that we have 35 investigators total, Zamora and I have 16. But we´re improving, last week we had 7. 

Tomorrow is the Multi Zona Confernce. Zamora and I are giving a presentation about pmg. It´s always super exciting when the multi zonas come around.

Speaking of STL duties. This week an elder called us because he is having a problem with a sister blah blah, no se que. He explained all the problems and I thought, "Freak, I don´t know what to do. HE should call the ZLs" and right after I thought this the elder mentioned, "I called the ZLs and they said I should call you guys" Puchica. Hna Zamora and I thought it was pretty funny.

So I have these really ugly, sturdy, sister missionary sandals, right. One day the Elders in my ward were making fun of them and said that Pedro (the apostle) would like them. At one point in the evening I saw elder Monterrosa talking on the phone and then he came over to me and said, "Hna it´s for you. It´s Pedro. He wants his sandals back." Super mean, va? But I have to admit it was super funny.

A girl in Las Colinas came home from her mission in Equador so there was an activity and the whole ward came and welcomed her and said nice things about her and I felt so weird to think that that´ll be me in five more months. Ahh! No me gusta.

We taught this old lady who prefers to speak english and let me tell you I can´t teach the missionary lessons in english, I don´t know how. This old lady was super funny, using all sorts of slang I haven´t heard in forever. Although at one point she started telling us her whole life story about her three different husbands, and it got into way more details then we needed to know. It got a little awkward. But it´s all good. THat´s the mission, right? A year and a half os awkward moments.

Also, she is selling her house, if you are interested in buying a 5 bedroom house for $420,000. haha

One of elders found out that his parents just got called to be missions presidents in... wait for iiiiiiiiit... Peru Lima City Central!! Shout out to Elder Salisbery!

This week the ZLs taught a lesson about overcoming the natural man and it was life changing. One of them talked about HOW the mission makes missionaries come home better people. He said that going on a mission for two years and baptizing tons of people does nothing to change you. What changes you is that during the mission you have such high standards you are forced to put off the natural man to a new level, which helps to feel the spirit more. I think we change as people because we learn to repent. We have higher standards so we have to repent more. 

Pues, that´s all folks. 

Hermana Odekirk

P.S. I have eaten 368 baleadas.

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