Friday, December 12, 2014

Surprises at Changes Otra Vez‏

This week has been absolutely ridiculous!

Normally they tell us about transfers the monday before.  Then you have tuesday to say goodbye, but the area seventies of central america feel like we are wasting tuesday saying goodbye, so now the rule is that no one is allowed to know if they are getting changed until tueday at nine oclock!!!!!!!

I knew that i might get changed so on tuesday we went to my converts and some of my favorite investigators and it was super awkward because it was all, "I might have changes so I´m saying good bye but I might not... so this is awkward." It was awful. The DL called on tuesday and sí, I hd changes. And I might add that we always taught a real lesson not just said goodbye so I´m being punished for others´ disobedience, but whatever, ya me voy.

We got there and when they annouced the changes the AP said, "Hermana Odekirk de Santa Rita 2 va como Líder Entrenadora a La Colinas 2 con Hermana Zamora quien es Líder Entrenadora." auitrhñiauwerhgtuiñaHWRJJDHDJFJSLhfejeahjfkaksalshkgjksgjksdjksds That. just. happened.

I´m Sister Training Leader now. and Hermana Zamora and I were companions before in Olanchito so that´s weird, but it´s all good because we are good together. Las Colinas is a ward in the beautiful city of LA CEIBA! It is one the biggest touristy cities in Honduras so it has everything: beach, a mall, pizza hut, whatever you want. Google maps it.

For those who don´t know Sister Training Leader is a new posistion where sister missionaries will go on exchanges with other sister missionaries and be a support system for the sisters and we attend Mission Leadership Council. (I think that is how they say it in english.)  Which means...

I GET TO GO BACK TO OLANCHITO!!! Zamora and I do divisions with Hermanas in Olanchito (which I love), Ceiba (which I don´t fell a love for quite yet but it is super awsome and the love will come), Trujillo (which I love), and Roatán (which I´ve never been too but I´m excited to go there). Yes, I get to spend three days a transfer in Roatán. I am so stoked. 

Another thing is we got white washed. Both of us are new to the area AND neither of us have ever been STL before so we have a lot to learn this change. But it is so exciting!

This week the leaders didn´t get pday on wednesday like a normal transfer week because we had a special pday. We hiked Pico Bonito here in Ceiba and it was super cool. Then in the afternoon we had the Leadership Council. To be perfectly honest I was a little nervous about going to the meeting for the first time but obviously it went fine.

Now to the funny stuff. On wednesday morning I called a guy who drives a mototaxi to come takes us to the bus station. When he came he put two of my big suitcases TOP OF THE MOTOTAXI!! He then asked if we had a cord but we didn´t so he just said we´ll drive really  slow. I was worried. my entire life is in those maletas!! Then este tipo took the rockiest bumpiest road I know!!! Hna Stott and I had to reach and hold them or they would have fallen. It was ridicuous.

At change meeting President Klein said that Satan is miserable because he is single. I thought it ws pretty funny, but then there was also this part of every one in the room that thought "oh no. I´m single. I´m going to be miserable for all eternity."

Well that all the excitement for this week. Also, I have 359 baleadas.

Hermana Odekirk

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