Monday, December 1, 2014

Cheque pues, this has to be super fast because I have no time.

I want everyone to know that Sierra Tracey still owes me a dress!!

Thanksgiving is not a thing here, so on thursday I made a hand turkey and for dinner Stott and Diaz and I went to a restaurant called MegaPollo. I ate fried chicken with tajadas. It was a nice catrachan thanksgiving. We each said what we were grateful for. 

Hermana Stott and I got in a fight about when the 7th Harry Potter book came out so I need everyone to look it up and tell me. Pleas and Thankyou.

In the Doctrine and Convenants DVDs on disc one there is this video about the 10 virgins and it ends with this song that´s all, "quien es prudente?? Quien no lo es..." and I´ve been singing it for months but I don´t know many of the words. Hermana Stott and sing it in the street all the time and Diaz just luaghs at us. So the story is that yesterday in Gospel Principles Elder Hancock taught a lesson on the second coming and he mentioned the ten virgins and started laughing because it reminded me of the song. I couldn´t keep my composure!!! I was all red and crying bacause I was trying so hard not to laugh. but the more he explained the story the harder it was to not laugh. "y en la medionoche, caundo llega el Señor la luz de rectituuuuuuuuuud nos guia a su mansioooooooooon." Go look up the song. It rocks my socks.

Yesterday we went looking for this recent convert that no one knows. She lives in Bella Vista which is on the side of this mountain. We hiked, literally hiked in dirt and rocks, all over that mountain for an hour and never found her. I wish I could explain to you what Bella Vista is like but I can´t.

I WENT TO TELA TODAY!!!!! We went as a zone to the beach in Tela. It felt good to be back there. I got to see my old comps Andújar and Cuc, and Elder and Hermana Webb. I even got to see Hna. Sosa.

On the bus ride there I was thinking about how totally not trunky I am right now. Ive been super trunky since the day I entered the CCM but once I hit a year that all went away. I was on the bus with my zone singing songs from EFY and watching all the banana plantations pass by and thinking about how sad it is that none of you will ever really know Honduras. You´ll never by a pastelito in Olanchito, never climb the rocks to Almedarez´s house in Tela, never hike up the mountain to Villa Adela in Santa Rita. It makes me sad. I´m glad still have plenty of time left.

Have a great week. Look up the video about the ten virgins.

Hermana Odekirk

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