Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas Orta Vez!‏

I think I titled last weeks email Merry Christmas but I´m lazy and don´t want to think of another title so there you have it.
Tuesday was the Multi-Zona. IT was great. Zamora and I gave a workshop about Predicad MI Evangelio. At point we watching this video that showed all the missionaried giving service and we totally feeling the spirit but then there was a technical difficulty and the video froze. Esta bien. WE were waiting there reverently and then I hear behind me "It´s because the computer is a decepticon." I laughed so hard I was crying.

I ONLY ATE TWO TOMALES THIS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Last I ate so much food the 25 that I was sick for days and had to ask my ZLs to give me a blessing but year people only gave me two and todo salió bien. Woo!

In latin countries people like to celebrate with fire works. On the 24 we tried to go to bed at 10:30 but it was super hard to sleep with all the noise. At midnight I woke up and ti sounded like World War 3!! Zamora went and closed the door but I realized I might never see this again so I planched, got out of bed, grabbed my camera and went ourside on our balcony to watch all the fireworks. IT was so loud Hermana Zamora and I had to screamto talk to each other. They weren´t the coolest fire works they are just super loud. At one point we looked down the street and said "there are three people over there and one of them looks exactly like Dispicable Me. Those are the elders!! They are planching too!" Eventually we went back to bed and nothing super exciting happened. 

The 25 really wasn´t that great. We did weekly planning then our lunch appointment wasn´t home and we spent almost the whole afternoon looking for a member´s house where Zamora could talk to her family. At dinner one of the elders told us he was getting emergency transfered the next day so we were all just super bummed. It was less than average day. 

But none of that really matters. Christmas is just another day. The actual day itself doesn´t mean anything. What really matters is that we are using that day to show people we love them share the light of CHrist. 

One good part of the day was that we were walking down the street and this van pulled over and who got out? Familia Mejilla! THey are a family from OLANCHITO! They got out and the mom gave a big hug and all the kids. It felt really good. Especially since sometimes I wonder if anyone in Olanchito remembers me because I didn´t talk much there since I didn´t speak spanish. We are going back to Olanchito on divisions this week and I¨m excited. 

This week I read a talk called "Choose Wisely" by ELder Cook, que salió in the priesthood session this october. IT is wonderful. At one point he talked about young people who put off getting married. I have members tell me all the time I shouldn´t get married until I´m done with school. Now I´m in no way saying that I¨m in a rush to get married but I agree with what ELder Cook said:
       "Some young people profess their goal is to be married in the temple but do not date temple-worthy individuals. To be honest, some don’t even date, period! You single men, the longer you remain single after an appropriate age and maturity, the more comfortable you can become. But the more uncomfortable you ought to become! Please get “anxiously engaged” in spiritual and social activities compatible with your goal of a temple marriage.
        Some postpone marriage until education is complete and a job obtained. While widely accepted in the world, this reasoning does not demonstrate faith, does not comply with counsel of modern prophets, and is not compatible with sound doctrine."       There you have it. Young people who are purposfully putting off getting married are purposfully being disobedient to one of God´s commanmends. IF you get married while you´re still in school está bien. 

Also, Elder Cook talked a lot about Merlin Olsen. Do you know where Merlin Olsen went to school?? UTAH STATE!!! They ate lunch at the BLuebird! Elder Cook made me a little trunky. ha ha

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a happy New Year. Can you even believe that it´s new years!! I can´t. Love you all.

Hermana Odekirk

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