Monday, December 8, 2014


Non of you have written me to tell when the seventh Harry Potter book came out! I need answers people. Please help me.

We were teaching this lesson to two of our investigators who are super close to being baptized when I met the most polite apostate lady. She a relative of our converts who was at their house. She kindly waited until we were teaching about the Word of Wisdom and got all Christ should be the center of your message, not José Smith. I couldn´t agree more that´s why we only mentioned Smith once and CHrist a bigillion times. She started asking us a bunch of questions about the Bible to try and confuse us but we anwsered them all. I tried to ask her if we could send the missionaries to her house is Progreso so she could learn more, but she said no. She then asked what Christ´s ministry was. I said to complete the Atonement firstly, also to establish his church and heal and bless people. She his ministry is to "free people" Then she went off about how in her church they heal people physically, because freed people from their sicknesses. To be perfectly honest I was almost upset that she would the act of healing people physically in this life above the act of the Atonement. Sometimes I meet people with the most interesting apostasy.

We were getting ready to leave this morning and I went to the bathroom. I then went outside and washed my hands in the pila and filled a bucket with water and carried it inside to flush the toilet. When I got back to the bathroom with bucket I realized that it was still morning and WE STILL HAD RUNNING WATER!!!! I could´ve flushed the toilet and washed my hands in the sink! I was so angry! We only have running water in the morning so obviously we like to take advantage, and I forgot! beh.

Sometimes we meet people and tell them we´ll come back another day and teach them, but sometimes we don´t remember the names of these people, so my planner is full of names like Roas de Arriba, familia de frijoles, hombre that was shaving, hombre that has three daughters, that poor kid, the lady that lives on the corner, grandma, parents of Cristian, the guy with the hat. haha I love the mission.

Transfers are this week so we are waiting for the call to see if I´m getting transfered. Either way I won´t be in a trio anymore because hermana Stott will get her new companion this week. I had three changes in Olanchito, three in Tela, and as of right now I have three in Santa Rita and I have three left on my mission, so we´ll see how it goes.

The Church is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior.

Hermana Odekirk

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